Cherimoyas Organically Grown

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Three to Four Cherimoyas (Three + pounds of fruit)

Cherimoyas are considered by many fruit connoisseurs to be the tastiest fruit in the world! Known in some parts of the world as a “custard apple,” they are creamy like custard with vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, papaya and banana notes.

Mark Twain declared the cherimoya
"The most delicious fruit known to men"

In addition to being super tasty, they are also super nutritious! They are high in vitamin C, B-6, and are also a calming GABA precursor.

We grow Dr. White, Orton and Hybrid varieties of cherimoyas on our small family farm. We pick the most beautiful fruit fresh for your order, and ship them while they are still firm. Currently they are taking about a week to ripen.

We will include our recipe for a sublime Cherimoya salsa with your order!