Frederick's Purple Passionfruit (Pick up from our Rainbow, CA Farm)

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Passionfruit is also known as Lilikoi in Hawaii, or Maracuja in its native Brazil.  It is exotic, fragrant, sweet and tart with hints of mango & peach notes.  It is best to eat when it is just beginning to wrinkle.  It will last about two weeks at room temperature and about four weeks in the refrigerator.  Begin by cutting the passionfruit in half.  Then, using the rind as a natural cup, scoop out the pulp and crunchy seeds with a spoon.  Passionfruit is delicious in smoothies, desserts, and in main course sauces.

If you prefer to skip the crunch of the seeds, you can remove them from the pulp, by pulsing the pulp and seeds, on low speed, for a few seconds, in a blender or food processor.  This helps to separate the juice from the seeds.  Then press the juice through a food mill or sieve.  I like to process several passionfruit at a time and freeze the juice in ice cube trays for easy use whenever I want to add passionfruit's tropical notes to a drink or dish.  A little passionfruit juice adds a lot of fragrance and flavor to a recipe!

At the end of a hot day we love to make a tropical mocktail by adding the pulp of one Passionfruit (seeds pressed out through a sieve), the juice of one half of an orange, a drizzle of maple syrup and fresh spring water into a 12 ounce glass with ice.  To elevate it from a mocktail to a super yummy exotic cocktail… Add a splash of Cointreau & a splash of Flor de Cana Rum... Relax and enjoy!

Each Box will have a minimum of 32 Passionfruit (About 4 pounds)!