Whole Leaf Teas

About Our Teas

BlissSville is devoted to providing the finest quality, pure, whole leaf teas.  We purchase our teas from purveyors who are committed to creating sustainable tea harvests.  Earth friendly farming produces the most flavorful teas available and helps to preserve the soil for years to come.  Our primary supplier works directly with family farmers to produce the healthiest and most vibrant teas.

About the Teas

All teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant.

While there are a variety of cultivars, the primary difference amongst the teas is in the way the leaves are processed.

White Teas

White teas are rare because they are picked from the early spring bud sets that have a soft downy finish. These delicate buds are carefully plucked, steamed and dried to preserve their unique flavor. They have been celebrated for centuries by emperors, poets, and now, by modern researchers. They are used to decrease internal dampness, stimulate the digestive tract, and they are high in natural antioxidants. White teas are the least oxidized of all the teas... And thus, are closest to their natural essence.

Green Teas

Green teas have been enjoyed in China for over 5,000 years. Their benefits to mind, body and spirit have been celebrated for centuries. Because they are pan fried or steamed to stop the oxidation process; they are full of their natural vibrant life force. Green teas have natural polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to their healthful effects. Researchers continue to find more and more benefits to drinking green tea. Drinking green tea is a lovely way to nurture yourself.

Oolong Teas

The name oolong means black dragon. Oolongs are lightly to moderately oxidized teas. They are usually hand rolled into little pearls of tea... Unfurling into perfectly whole leaves after they are steeped. They often have an intoxicating bouquet of aromas and flavors that are highlighted with each steeping. To create a complex oolong requires perfect growing conditions and years of training. We offer some of the finest oolongs available from China and Taiwan. Oolongs are traditionally used to increase circulation, aid digestion, and assist in weight loss.

Oolongs are the most fragrant teas with deep floral notes. The color varies from light green to red hues depending on the style.  Their fragrance and taste is delightful, intoxicating, and highly drinkable. Almost everyone loves oolong!

 Black/Red Teas

Black or Red teas are fully oxidized with a deep and robust flavor and aroma. The best have full leaves and a complex fragrance. The broken leaves are traditionally used in tea bags and exported to the West, and then sold to the masses. One of the reasons black tea became popular in England is because its flavor has the ability to stand up to the additions of sugar, milk, and lemon. The traditional Chinese dislike milk and they would never add it to tea. The Manchurian nomads were the first to add milk to their tea, and in China, tea with milk is known as Manchu style tea.


Puerh is renowned for its health benefits... Studies have shown that it lowers cholesterol, aids digestion, cleanses the blood, and assists in weight loss. It is also used for increasing chi (life force) and toning the body. Puerh is named after a town in Yunnan, China. Interestingly, no tea is grown there, but it is the place from which most Puerh is distributed. This unique tea developed from the nomadic traditions of Asia, where the tea was traded and traveled over high mountain passes on pack animals. It required a tea that could withstand extreme temperatures and would keep over long periods of time. In fact, the best Puerhs are now aged in caves for many years to produce their prized flavor. Drink to good health and fortitude!


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