Darjeeling Jungpana 2nd Flush Organic


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Darjeeling's are one of the rarest Indian teas. Only teas grown in the district of Darjeeling in West Bengal state of India can be called Darjeeling's. And because Darjeeling's are made with the China type tea plants which has a leaf a third the size of the Assam type tea leaf, so it takes many more leaves to create an ounce of this treasured tea. Each plant only produces about four ounces of tea per year.

These delicate leaves are hand plucked four times per year. The second flush, plucked in May and June, is famous for its complexity and intense fruit and muscatel notes. It is full bodied, yet smooth and has an amazing after taste and bright color.

Jungpana is a Persian term meaning "Shelter of the World." This tea is grown organically, and is nourished by the spring rains and high mountain elevations. This darjeeling is a full flavored tea with subtle chocolate, muscatel and floral notes.

Darjeeling's are traditionally served neat to fully enjoy the complexity of flavors.

1.5 fragrant ounces...