Pu'erh Orange 2005


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This pu'er begins with leaves gathered from wild tea trees in Yunnan, China. After withering, the leaves are packed into oranges to age.

The orange imparts subtle hint of sweetness to the earthy pu'erh.

Pu'erh's are traditionally aged like a fine wine; and this pu'erh has been mellowing into perfection since 2005.

Pu'erh's are named after a trading post in Yunnan, China and they began with the nomadic traditions who needed a sturdy tea for traveling over mountains.

Pu'erh is reknowned throughout China for its health benefits... Studies show it can lower cholesterol & aid in the digestion of fat. It is used in Chinese Medicine to increase chi & tonify the body.

One ounce of a delightfully aged pu’erh!