Puerh Tuocha 2005


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Puerh is known for its health benefits of lowering cholesterol, aiding digestion and facilitating weight loss. In Chinese medicine it is used to increase chi & tonify the body. Puerh is named after a trading post in Yunnan, China where the tea is traded. Puerh began with the nomadic traditions who needed a sturdy and compact tea for traveling over high mountain passes.

Pu-erh pressed into little bowls that are perfect for a cup or a small pot of tea. There are about 6 bowls per ounce, and each of these bowls can be re-steeped 6 to 10 times in a day.   A smooth pu'erh that has been aging and mellowing since 2005!

An ounce of a classic aged pu-erh pressed into tuocha…